Gigabit Community Fund

Next-generation networks with the power to transform learning.

What is Mozilla Gigabit?

The Mozilla Gigabit Community Fund provides grant funding in select U.S. communities to support pilot tests of gigabit technologies such as virtual reality, 4K video, artificial intelligence, and their related curricula. In so doing, our goal is to increase participation in technology innovation in support of a healthy Internet where all people are empowered, safe, and independent online.

The Gigabit Approach

Our approach to taking gigabit discoveries out of the lab and into the field is threefold:

Fund and Support

We support the development of gigabit applications and associated curricula through the Gigabit Community Fund. Grants support pilots that take gigabit technologies out of the lab and into learning spaces in select cities across the United States.

Innovate and Spread

We catalyze the creation, adoption, and spread of these innovations through Hive Learning Networks. Hives are a local network of teachers, informal educators, technologists, and community members working together to advance the promise of the web for learning.

Scale and Grow

We leverage Mozilla’s national networks to share these successes across Hive cities, other gigabit cities, and beyond. Our open innovation practices facilitate the adoption of gigabit technologies by diverse new communities of users.

Where are Mozilla Gigabit Cities

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Featured Updates

Dove Springs Coding Academy-GO! Future VR Project

Dove Springs Coding Academy's GO!Future VR Project turns low-income kids into coders using gig-power VR that inspires college-readiness in their Southeast ATX community. Hundreds of youth will explore the educational power of VR who might not otherwise be reached through traditional school programs. This grant allows River City Youth Foundation to increase the accessibility of its gig-powered lab to fill an even bigger gap in the community while the Dove Springs Library remains under repair indefinitely.


The Gigabit Advantage

Gigabit speed internet is required to develop and access WebVR projects at its full, immersive potential.


40 Dove Springs students will participate in the VR coding classes. They will be empowered with new VR coding skills and inspired to use their knowledge to help their community. They will inspire other youth to break the barriers and to envision and plan out a successful, prosperous future! RCYF's policy is to only serve youth whose households meet the U.S. Federal Poverty Guidelines. RCYF will determine how this project helped bridge the access and skills gap for low-income students that do not have access to gigaspeed or VR devices. Students will present their work at a VR College & Career Fair, demonstrating what they learned as it relates to the power of educational VR, the opportunities of a giga network, and the education power of the Internet.

Learn more about Dove Springs Coding Academy-GO! Future VR Project

Gigabit Events

We offer global and local opportunities that facilitate group and in-person collaboration. Join us!

March 8-9, 2018

IoT Escape Room Workshop


As part of its work to champion Internet health and related issues like online privacy and security on connected devices, the Mozilla Foundation is hosting an Internet of Things (IoT) Escape Room workshop at in Chattanooga, Tennessee, from Thursday, March 8, to Friday, March, 9th, 2018.

March 26-29, 2018

Smart Cities Connect Conference & Expo and US Ignite Application Summit

Kansas City

Smart Cities Connect Conference & Expo convenes leading technology and solution providers with city leaders

June 25-28, 2018

Gigabit City Summit

Kansas City

The Gigabit City Summit offers a unique, multidisciplinary program for cities in the midst of digital transformation. Bridging the gap between broadband and smart cities, the Gigabit City Summit brings together a community focused on how infrastructure investment translates into real civic impact.