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Run your very own Maker Party event using these great tools and activities. Mobilize and educate your community to take action through making. We’ll provide the resources to plan, host and promote your event, providing support every step of the way.

Maker Party Activities

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Post Crimes

Highlight the absurdity of outdated copyright laws through this fun activity that let’s you create slightly rebellious selfies and send them to your local lawmaker via postcard.

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Meme Around

Create memes that support copyright reform! You’ll learn how to use pictures from the public domain to gain a better understanding of the implications of outdated copyright law.

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Contributing to the commons

Help people understand the value of content we can all use freely by contributing your own content under a Creative Commons license.

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Super Party

All three activities in one - Postcrimes, Meme School and Contributing to the Commons packaged together as a single activity.

Hosting a Maker Party

As a Maker Party host, you are a critical part of this work, as you’ll help educate and inspire more people to take action and have real impact.

To help in ensuring your Maker Party is a success we’ve put together a complete resource for designing your event. The host pack includes details on:

  1. Planning: Hosting a kick-off meeting with your co-hosts and event facilitators to set goals, strategize and plan.
  2. Recruitment: Tips to help you reach your attendance goals.
  3. Facilitation: Making people feel welcome and excited to engage.
  4. Debrief: Reflecting and sharing with Mozilla what you achieved and learned.

Logos & Assets

Feel free to use these Maker Party graphics in any of your promotional materials:

Please refer to the Mozilla brand guidelines when using the Mozilla trademark.Planning a Maker Party in the EU? Order stickers for your event here.

Become a Maker Party partner.

Together we can amplify our organizations’ work on copyright reform, reach and engage new audiences and create events that are relevant to your region, country or city.

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Run an event using our model to mobilize and educate people to take action through making.

Maker Party à la carte

Incorporate creative Maker Party elements into your existing events or programs.

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Help spread the word! Share the Maker Party message via your regular communications channels.