Web Literacy Basics II

Dive deeper into the basics of composing webpages, designing for accessibility, sharing resources, using online media, and working open.

Learning Objectives

Learners will understand community practice, composing, designing for accessibility, open practices, sharing, and remixing and reflecting on how they and others create, use, and license media on the Web.

Why Do We Use the Web?

Understanding Community Participation

Learners will create and research survey questions about their community's Web use, learning about collaborating, community participation, and open practices.

The Web is a Tool for Learning

Understanding Navigating

Learners will use Web-native instructions to make a meme or build a maker project in real life, learning navigating, remixing, and community participation.

Project Playlist

Understanding Composing

Learners will build a playlist of songs from the Open Web, learning composing and remixing.

Welcome to My Mixtape

Understanding Composing

Learners will use Web-native music-production tools and share music through an online community, learning composing, remix, sharing, and community participation.

Pixel Portrait

Understanding Composing

Learners will create their own pixel art, import it into an online code editor, and then insert it into a webpage, learning composing.


Understanding Sharing

Learners will create pixel art online/digital stickers, publish them for others, and use them to annotate and remix the Web, learning community participation, composing, open practices, remix, and sharing.

Who Am I?

Understanding Search

Learners will conduct a reverse image search to find information about a subject online and then revise a webpage with their own text and images, learning composing and search.

Fair Use Free-for-All

Understanding Sharing

Learners will compete to identify examples and non-examples of fair use in peers' web remixes, learning credibility, search, and sharing.

The Planets

Understanding Designing for Accessibility

Learners will improve the accessibility of a webpage by changing its color scheme, content, and embedded media, learning composing, designing for accessibility, and remixing.