Make Your First Webpage

Document icon with clapping hands and the letters HTML

Learn to use and style common HTML tags to make your first webpage from scratch.

Learning Objectives

Learners will understand how to build and style a webpage with common HTML tags and CSS selectors, learning about skills like code, compose, design, and share.

Tag Tag Revolution

Code, Connect

Learners will choreograph a dance party with tag cards, learning code and connect.

HTML Puzzle Boxes

Code, Remix

Learners will race to sequence the paper boxes labeled with HTML tags, becoming familiar with the code and remix.

Build a Blank Page & Beyond

Code, Compose

Structure a blank webpage with HTML to learn about markup, code, and compose.


Code, Compose, Remix

Practice applying common HTML tags to see how they work on a webpage, learning code, compose, and remix.

Revise a Résumé

Compose, Code, Evaluate, Revise, Remix, Share

Evaluate a résumé in need of revision and use common HTML tags to give it structure and organization, learning compose, code, evaluate, revise, remix, and share.

Revise a Business Page

Code, Compose, Evaluate, Remix, Revise, Share, Synthesize

Exercise your HTML skills while customizing the business page and learning code, compose, evaluate, remix, revise, share, and synthesize.

Working with a Grid

Code, Design, Evaluate, Revise, Synthesize

Discover how HTML and CSS can work together to help you design a webpage and its structure content learning code, design, evaluate, revise, and synthesize.

Make Your First Webpage

Code, Compose, Design, Evaluate. Share, Synthesize

Build your very own webpage from scratch using the web literacy skills you've picked up throughout the module like code, compose, design, evaluate, share, and synthesize.