Back-to-School Write the Web Activities

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Learn how to remix and write basic HTML, CSS, and JavaScript with these Back-to-School Thimble activities and lesson plans.

Learning Objectives

Learners will understand navigation, search, composing, remix, coding/scripting as they learn to write the Web.

Reading the Web

School Around the World Teaching Kit

Understanding Search

Students explore classrooms around the world and learn how to search for images and information to create a basic webpage.

Writing the Web

My Six-Word Summer

Understanding Composing

Learners reflect on their summer break by remixing and editing text and HTML on a webpage.

Remix My Schedule Teaching Kit

Understanding Composing

Students create customized, webby versions of their school schedule by remixing and editing text and HTML on a basic webpage.

Homework Excuse Generator Teaching Kit

Understanding Coding/Scripting

Students create an interactive webpage while learning basic JavaScript functions.

3 Things I <3 Teaching Kit

Understanding Web Navigation

Learners remix text and HTML to create a multi-page website that highlights their interests.